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Wanderlust Talent Buyers Assemble A Music Lineup For One Of North America’s Most Spellbinding Festivals

Photo by Paul Baudouin

April is here, which can only mean one thing: we’re that much closer to the kickoff of the 2014 Wanderlust Summer Festivals.

As festheads, we are all seasoned festival-goers to say the least. We’re well versed audience members; We value art, community, consciousness and soul. But have you ever seriously contemplated what it is about a music festival that draws you to the chase? Obviously, there’s plenty quick answers to this question that I’m sure we can all agree upon. We love music. We love life. And frankly, we loveto party.

However, we also understand (or should understand) that music festivals don’t just materialize out of thin air. A lot of work that we don’t get to see firsthand goes into securing a flawless production. I, for one, am fascinated by the professionally focused, passionately rooted efforts that go into making each festival happen. That all being said, I’m also extremely stoked to be attending Wanderlust for the first time this summer.

If you’re not yet familiar, Wanderlust Yoga Festivals are self-proclaimed, all-out ecstatic celebrations. Built upon a mission to create community around mindful living, Wanderlust Festivals offer an admirably unique addition to the music festival sphere. If the idea of practicing yoga, eating well, being green, practicing purpose, creating awareness and showcasing art in a natural, mountaintop setting is appealing to you at all – you better hurry and buy tickets before they’re all gone! Luckily, if you can’t make it to one festival, you have at least four more to choose from. Did I mention there are some insanely impressive musical acts scheduled to perform?

I had the opportunity to get a backstage perspective on what goes into creating the perfect lineup for this type of spellbinding event. Bobby Clay and Anna Kidd are Talent Buyers for C3 Presents who have devoted an abundance of time and energy to assembling the Wanderlust Festival music lineups. Posed with the challenge of piecing together lineups that compliment the beautiful locations and personify the purpose of Wanderlust at-large, Bobby and Anna – along with the Wanderlust team – have put together a production that’s totally going to blow your mind.

What is your role in putting all of this together? Have you worked on the Wanderlust Festivals before? Have you worked together on other lineups? 

BC: Anna and I focus on the musical aspect of the Wanderlust events. So we submit names of interest to the partners and send the offers. Anna has been working on Wanderlust for a few years. This is my first year working on this project and my first time working with Anna [as well as] Dana and Jeff from the Brooklyn office. Anna and I get along so well so it was just a natural fit to team up.

What’s unique about Wanderlust? How is it different from other festivals you’ve worked on?

BC: Wanderlust is unique because the yoga and lifestyle aspect are at the forefront of the festival. Don’t get us wrong, the music is definitely a huge part of this; But it’s not the focus. Whereas, on the other festivals, music is front and center. Putting the musical and lifestyle pieces together was a lot of fun on these summer shows. With all the music festivals out there now, this is a refreshing concept to be in the mix. We’re lucky to be involved.

How would you describe the audience for Wanderlust? Based on that, how do you go about discerning the artists that best fit the bill?

BC: The audience is so varied and I absolutely love that about Wanderlust. It’s such a mixed bag. All walks of life. For 2014, we really wanted to have the newest, freshest stuff out there on these lineups. We factored in everything from what Anna [Austin-based] and Dana [Brooklyn-based] were hearing in the yoga studios to who has new music coming out and what might attract a different demographic to the events.

Which of the Wanderlust Festivals do you plan to attend? Who are you looking most forward to seeing? What else are you looking forward to aside from the music?

BC: Anna has already attended Oahu this year and I will be attending Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass in early July (awesome 30th birthday gift!) and Tahoe in mid-July. I am most excited to see the crowd’s response to some of the stuff we booked–specifically, Big Gigantic and DJ Krush in Tahoe and Tycho in Colorado. Me personally, I am looking forward to trying some novice yoga in these surreal settings!

AK: If I can make it to Vermont, I’d love to see Escort and Emily King rock out. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to seeing Bobby’s face after his first yoga class!

Wanderlust tickets are on sale now for all five dates and locations: Stratton, VT (June 19 through June 22), Aspen-Snowmass, CO (July 3 through July 6), Squaw Valley, CA (July 17 through July 20), Whistler, BC, CA (July 31 through August 4), and Tremblant, WC, CA (August 21 through August 24). The music lineup includes Jurassic 5, RJD2, Emancipator, Big Gigantic, Nahko & Medicine for the People, Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Tycho, and Polyphonic Spree. These lineups vary slightly from location-to-location. To see details about lineups, visit Festheads and use the search tool!

Learn more about the Wanderlust Festivals here. Purchase tickets here.


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